All ready for an Autumn refresh, consultation is crucial

It’s good advice to have your hair hydrated and in its best possible condition before going for that exciting colour transformation, says Sarah Gubbins. This Autumn we anticipate lots a face framing layers and more structured hair styles. Trust the process and in our stylists to give excellent style and colour advise. There are a few things you can do to achieve a beautiful and long lasting result.

Consultation is crucial

At Base Colour & Co we will always book a colour consultation prior your first appointment in the salon. This allows us to not only do a sensitivity test but also assess the quality of the hair. We can then allocate the time needed restyle and colour your hair. Our stylist might advise an in salon treatment or a take home treatment prior your appointment to ensure an even and longer lasting colour result.  As an existing client, you too might like to book some time to speak with your stylist about an up coming change.

Get a hair cut

Its a daunting process for some to get anything more than a trim but it can make all the difference. Discuss with your stylist any concerns that you have regarding length and layering. Split ends wont receive colour well and the only cure is to cut them off. This Autumn we anticipate lots a face framing layers and more structured hair stylists.

Bring photos

Maybe the the exact style won’t be possible for you but its a great communication tool, says Sarah. Its helpful to choose images with similar hair volume and texture to your own as this will affect the styling but also the colour choice. Discuss what you like and dislike about the image as well as of your current style to get an accurate picture. We have all had at least one terrifying hair style in the past, at least those of us over 30!

We always say if your hair doesn’t look great most of the time then its time for change. Be open with your stylist on how you feel about your hair style, colour, what heat styling you do and the products you use.

September treat for you

September is our birthday month and this year we are proud to say we are 5 Years in business and we would love to thank our wonderful customers and local businesses for their support. We have been extremely lucky with the staff we have and how supportive they have been under the extreme pressure of the pandemic. And we are super excited to party together to celebrate and work together for as long as possible.

We will be offering our loyal customers a custom hair treatment throughout the month to say thank you.

Our online booking offer of a complimentary in salon Lipid Booster Infusion when you book your colour and or cut online will continue. This offer is available for the month of September and extends to online booking only (not available on rescheduled appointments, offer on cut/colour appointments, online booking only)

As always we are happy to carry out a free consultation and make recommendations. Call 061337455 to book your complimentary colour consultation. And, of course, we’ll also make sure you’re safe with a free allergy alert test.

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